A panoramic photo of the current FCPS School Board Members is centered with 2 "FCPS gold" lines on either side, on an "FCPS dark teal" background. White text above and below reads: FCPS School Board Works Session & Meeting Docs".

FCPS has posted the documents for this week’s work session on BoardDocs (link here). We are sharing them here for ease of access for the community. This document was downloaded on September 18th at appx 12:00pm (occasionally documents posted to BoardDocs are updated after their initial posting).

September 21, 2021: Comprehensive Special Education Review Interim Report

“AIR and the auditor general will present the Comprehensive Special Education Review – First Year Report.  This review was conducted at the request of the School Board, focusing on below four objectives: (1) to evaluate the design, structure and established processes of special education services, degree of fidelity of implementation and continuous monitoring; (2) to evaluate the adequacy of human capital resources; (3) to analyze alignment with evidence-based practices; and (4) to evaluate the effectiveness of communication strategies.”

September 21, 2021: Instructional & Operation Updates

“Today’s work session will provide health, instructional and other operational updates.”

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