Fairfax County Special Education PTA is pleased to offer mini-grants for SEPTA member teachers or staff to implement programs, attend professional development, or obtain material designed to support students with disabilities to all current SEPTA members GrantApplicationPicwho are FCPS employees. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis but will be awarded three times a year in Fall, Winter and Spring.   Funds must be used for the project and not for incidentals, staff time or staff travel. Documentation of the need for funds (ie conference websites, or links to supplies and costs or other cost information) must be submitted and approved before funds are distributed. Receipts of expenditures must be submitted within 30 days of expenditure of the funds.  A report of the outcome, preferably including pictures or videos, must be sent at the end of the project. Videos, pictures, and a description of the project can be used by FCSEPTA in its social media platforms, emails, website, and other communication methods.

Application & Deadline information:
Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis until the funds are exhausted. Grant recipients must be current members of Fairfax County SEPTA and employees of FCPS. Only one grant application per teacher per school year will be considered. If you have questions, please contact


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