Empowering and connecting families, students and educators to ensure students with disabilities develop their full potential as individuals and community members.

Website - Small Logo - 143px x 114pxWelcome to the Fairfax County Special Education PTA! We are thrilled to have you here.  Our journey to this point began in 2016 when two parents of special needs students in Fairfax County, independent of each other, decided that there must be a way to unite the diverse and numerous communities of special education and special needs families within Fairfax County.  Since then, we have been joined by a group of dedicated Fairfax County parents with children in special education who also had a desire to unite, educate and strengthen the network of resources, information, education and social opportunities for our special needs community.  Our official launch was on April 25, 2017 and we could not be more excited by the enthusiasm with which the community has greeted us.

Heroes Around Me

Congratulations to SEPTA’s Outstanding Interpretation (1st place) Reflections entrants for 2018-2019:

Chloe Arsiananta, Visual Arts, Special Artist category
Benjamin Breaux, Literature, Special Artist category
Aviva Loggia, Literature, Middle school age category

Aviva, Ben & Chloe: Your Reflections entries are beautiful and insightful, highlighting our hardworking teachers as heroes, the courageous hero within, and heroes who stand up for what is right and true. Kudos on your mature insight and thank you for sharing your perceptions of heroism through drawing, story-telling, and poetry.

Your entries have advanced to the Fairfax County Council of PTAs for the next level of Reflections judging.   You make SEPTA proud!

Questions: contact Nancy Rosene at Reflections@fairfaxcountysepta.org.