2020 – 2021 SEPTA Event Live Streams

Couldn’t attend one of our events in person?  Check out the YouTube playlist below for the recording! Please check below the YouTube player for a description of each event, and any handouts that were provided. 

Please note: The playlist begins with the most recent event, and works backward, as do the descriptions below.

January 19, 2021 – January Business Meeting & Building Independence in Children with Dr. William Stixrud

Nationally recognized neuropsychologist Dr. William Stixrud discusses why autonomy is so important for all kids.

Handouts for 1/19/2021 Meeting
Agenda 1/19/2021
Resolutions (Adopted at the Meeting)

November 16, 2020 – Understanding Assessments
Dr. Rachna Varia, Co-founder of Mindwell Psychology, helps attendees to better understand educational assessments. 

Handouts for 11/16/2020 Meeting
Agenda, 11.16.2020

October 20, 2020 – Feedback Forum with Dr. Michelle Boyd
SEPTA will host its October meeting with the new FCPS Assistant Superintendent of Special Services, Dr. Michelle Boyd. Sign up today to reserve your spot! All can watch via YouTube Live and up to 100 members can watch via a Zoom link

Handouts for 10/20/2020 Meeting
Agenda, 10.20.2020

September 22, 2020 – How Unstuck and On Target Can Help You & Your Child Manage During COVID: We will start with several housekeeping items, including a presentation of our proposed budget and vote, then move into a presentation of the Unstuck and on Target program. The Unstuck and on Target Program is an interactive e-­learning course for parents to support executive functioning and behavior regulation in children.

Handouts for 9/22/2020 meeting
Agenda, 9.22.2020
Presentation Slides – Unstuck and On Target
Solving Executive Function Challenges: Simple Ways to Get Kids with Autism Unstuck and on Target – Link to the book for purchase. 

September 2, 2020 – Organize Your IEP & 504 Binder: One thing that is common across the IEP table is the volumes of paperwork that go hand in hand with special education. From student records and testing results to medical information – and the IEP itself! – there is a LOT! We covered organization strategies that we have found to help keep track of all of this paperwork. We also cover tips for IEP meeting preparation, and thoughts to consider during this time of virtual instruction.

Handouts for Organize Your IEP & 504 Binder Event:
Easy Reference Links (from Presentation)
Education Timeline
Handy Hints and IEP Tips for Parents
IEP Communication Log
Medical Provider Information
Parent tracking form
Services Record

July 8, 2020 – Special Education Town Hall with Dr. Brabrand: Unsure which Return To School Option will be best for your child’s needs? Join Fairfax County SEPTA on Wednesday, July 8th from 8pm-9pm for a Special Education Town Hall with FCPS Superintendent Brabrand and other guests.