Ombudsman Office & Reports

Confidentiality. Independence. Impartiality. Informality.


These are the 4 main guiding principals of the ombudsman’s office. According to the official Office of the Family & Student Ombudsman website, the responsibilities of the ombudspeople include providing “an independent, confidential resource for students, families, and community members, offering informal help to resolve concerns, problems, complaints, and other student-related issues. The [ombudspeople] will listen, review, and provide resources for information and referral; serve as a neutral advocate for fairness, equity, inclusion, and consistency; and foster positive working relationships.”.

The above-linked site also includes the information necessary to contact Armando Peri, as well as downloads of the brochure explaining the office.  The brochure is available in multiple languages: Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, Korean, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.  Please share this brochure in all appropriate languages with your school communities!

FCPS also recently hired an Assistant Ombudsman for Special Education – Dawn Clements.  Dawn introduced herself to those in attendance at SEPTA’s September 2019 meeting.  You can see her introduction here.

Announcements, Reports & Videos

End of Year Report (2018-2019) – Office of the Family & Student Ombudsman (Sept. 2019)

Appointment of the new Assistant Ombudsman for Special Education (July 2019).

Meet the Ombudsman (August 2018)