2019 – 2020 SEPTA Event Live Streams

Couldn’t attend one of our events in person?  We began live-streaming meetings in January 2020 through Facebook Live.  You can find the recordings at the links below.  Please note: You will need to view it through Facebook at this time.

January 2020 – “Effective Advocacy for the Disability Community”

So, you want to make a difference for your family and community, but you aren’t sure how. What are the first steps? Who do you contact? How do you write a statement or make public testimony? How do you partner with others? How long does change take? Lucy Beadnell, Director of Advocacy for the ARC of Northern Virginia, presented this workshop about how to embark on the journey to making change for yourself, your child and our community, and answered questions as well.  

February 2020“Traveling with Special Needs”

Dr. Brabrand joined us for appx. 40 mins of discussion and Q&A with attendees (both in-person and attendees from the live stream).  The 2020 SEPTA Officer Slate was announced, followed by the panel discussion. Panelists shared tips and tricks that they’ve found helpful in their travels: from travel preparation and packing to modes of transportation, to managing food allergies and medical needs, to navigating vacation destinations like Disney Parks – all through the lens of families managing a variety of special needs. 

You can view our Awards Ceremony & May 2020 Q&A Session on the YouTube playlist embedded below.

Click the playlist icon in the top right corner of the embedded player to see the full playlist menu and choose the video you wish to watch. 

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