Advocacy restraint and seclusion

ACSD Recommendations on Restraint and Seclusion

Picture is that of a light wood desk. There are work-related objects scattered on the desk. From left to right: headphones, 2 notebooks, a keyboard with a pair of glasses resting on it, a silver pen, a yellow cup of coffee w/saucer, a computer mouse. In the center is blue text saying "Advocacy News." The SEPTA logo is in the bottom right corner.

Given that new restraint & seclusion policy must be in place, according to the new “Regulations Governing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in Virginia,” by January 1, 2021 – SEPTA is sharing the recommendations of the Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (ACSD) with the community.

To share your thoughts on this topic, you can:

  • Contact your school board members, Dr. Brabrand, and the Office of Special Education Instruction.
  • Consider submitting public comment at December school board meetings. The opportunity opens at 6:00 AM the Monday prior, and slots are likely to fill up within the first few minutes.

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