Fairfax County SEPTA Reflections

We are pleased to announce that Fairfax County SEPTA will be participating in the 2022-2023 Reflections Arts Competition! All age groups are welcome and we are so excited to see our children represented in this nationwide competition.

Please see Fairfax County Council PTA’s (FCCPTA) Reflections page for more information about this year’s program! Click here

r---show-your-voice_instagramanimoto.png2022 Theme: Show Your Voice
Categories: Dance, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, Visual Arts
Age (Grade) Groups: Grades Pre-K – 2, Grades 3-5,
Grades 6-8 and Grades 9-12

Basic Rules:

  1. Artists may submit one piece to each category, artists are permitted to submit entries to more than one category, but not the same category more than once.
  2. Artist or Parent can determine age category (3 options)
    • Actual grade of artist
    • Grade of artist based on cognitive ability
    • Special student* – all grades. see more info below
  3. Artists may not submit the same piece of artwork to two different categories or to multiple PTAs.
  4. All entries must be submitted at drop-off locations below. If you would like to submit early or neither drop-off date is possible, please email reflections.septa@gmail.com to make other arrangements.
  5. Parent, Guardian, or Grandparent of artist must be a current Fairfax County SEPTA member

*Special Students will be judged separately from the general age categories. This division is exclusively for special needs children, As a parent, you have the choice to submit entries into this category or the general categories.