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Restraint & Seclusion Talking Points for Public Hearing

Are you interested in testifying about the draft restraint & seclusion policy on Friday, December 11th? Please see SEPTA’s suggested talking points below! This list is NOT an exhaustive list, nor do we expect that anyone try to cover all of these points in any one testimony. These represent a sampling of concerns that SEPTA noted as we read through the revised draft policy this week. We provide them to the community to assist with creating testimony for Friday’s hearing. Please feel free to choose what resonates most with you! If you can’t speak at the hearing, please consider writing or calling your school board members before their vote on this proposed policy on Thursday, December 17th. Scroll to the end for all files!


Please keep in mind that all testimonies must be no longer than 3 minutes. You will be asked to stop at the 3 minute mark.

Please share this far and wide! We need the community to turn out for this important advocacy! For anyone who would like to provide their testimony anonymously, please reach out to our Advocacy Chair, Diane Cooper Gould, at Also email Diane if you are interested in assisting SEPTA as a READER for anonymous testimony, if you do not want to testify yourself.

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