A panoramic photo of the current FCPS School Board Members is centered with 2 "FCPS gold" lines on either side, on an "FCPS dark teal" background. White text above and below reads: FCPS School Board Works Session & Meeting Docs".

FCPS has posted the documents for this week’s meetings on BoardDocs (link here). We are sharing them here for ease of access for the community. This document was downloaded on October 6th at 9:40pm (occasionally documents posted to BoardDocs are updated after their initial posting).

October 6, 2020: TJ Admissions documents

October 7, 2020: Public Engagement Committee Documents

October 8, 2020: School Board Meeting

The presentation will provide the Board with an overview of the existing Legislative Program structure and positions, highlight initial changes which can be made due to previous year policy actions, and preview legislative and policy issues the Board may wish address in Legislative Program position language.

The Board will discuss any proposed staff recommended changes as well as Board-directed changes to the FSCB 2021 State and Federal Legislative Program at a Legislation work session scheduled for October 20, 2020. Final Action on the Legislative Program is scheduled for November 5, 2020.

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