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SAVE THE DATE: Organize Your IEP & 504 Binder

SAVE THE DATE: Organize Your IEP & 504 Binder
Wednesday, Sept. 2nd @ 7pm
Platform TBA
Presented by:
Amanda Campbell, SEPTA Vice President
Diane Cooper Gould, SEPTA Advocacy Chair

One thing that is common across the IEP table is the volumes of paperwork that go hand in hand with special education. From student records and testing results to medical information – and the IEP itself! – there is a LOT! We will cover organization strategies that we have found to help keep track of all of this paperwork.

Check out the second picture in this post for a supply list! This weekend (August 7-9) is VA’s tax-free holiday – you can pick up any supplies you need then.

Trying to stay home as much as possible? Order what you need from and choose Fairfax County SEPTA as your charity!

We will post a FB event with registration information when we have finalized the platform we will be using!

#AdvocacyCommunityEducation #ACE



  • One (1) 3″ D-Ring Binder
  • Eight (8) multi-color poly tabs with pockets
  • One (1) business card holder
  • One (1) sheet lifter

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