2019-2020 SEPTA Award Winners & Nominees

We are honored to recognize the passionate and driven professionals, students, and community members dedicated to ensuring students with disabilities develop their full potential as individuals and community members.

You are our SEPTA stars!  Thank you for all you do!

*Winners are denoted in blue

Community Champion Award

*Cheri Belkowitz Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities (ACSD) Chair
Heather & Ben Lorigo Parents and Volunteers at Union Mill ES
Brooke Varma Inclusive Ministry Director @ Greentree Christian Preschool

Students Who Most Support Inclusion

Donna Andrews Centreville ES
Kiyah Johnson Centreville ES
*Reagan Kiley Centreville HS
Imani Lyles Centreville ES
Ethan Page Fairhill ES
Della Roberts Centreville ES
*Annie Wilson Stratford Landing ES

Outstanding Inclusive Program:

Centreville Elementary Special Olympics
*Cooper Middle School Buddies Club
Fairhill Elementary School
Vienna Baptist Children’s Center

Outstanding Elementary School Administrator (Includes Pre-k)

Andrew Blount Asst. Principal, Centreville ES
*Dr. Maureen Boland Principal, Rolling Valley ES
Veronica del Bagno Asst. Principal, Rolling Valley ES
Rachel Forte Asst. Principal, Centreville ES
Courtney Korb Asst. Principal, Fairhill ES
Melaney Mackin Principal, Silverbrook ES

Outstanding Secondary School Administrator

*Becky Kohm Asst. Principal – Special Education, Herndon MS
Jennifer Kruzynski Special Education Dept. Chair, Poe MS
Michael Rath Asst. Principal, Cooper MS

Outstanding Co-Curricular Staff

Cynthia Burrows Art Teacher, Centreville ES
Michelle Dittman ESOL Teacher, Stratford Landing ES
*Desirae Griffin Asst. Librarian, Fairhill ES
Lee Larsen Music Teacher, Rolling Valley ES
Keith London School Based Technology Specialist,
Rolling Valley ES
Jenny Murray PE Teacher, Union Mill ES
Jenna Welch PE Teacher, Union Mill ES
Nadene Wright Art Teacher, Cooper MS

Outstanding Co-Teaching Team

Ann Becker & Kimberly Scott Special Education Pre-K, Island Creek ES
Ayanna Bundy & Nicole Williams 5th Grade, Hollin Meadows ES
*Lauren Ciccone, Daniela Pastor & Emily Whitaker 2nd Grade, Fairhill ES
Kerry Gannon & Collin Cogan 5th Grade, Centreville ES
Brigid Hamilton & Kerry Diaz 4th Grade, Centreville ES
Karina Handy & Lisa Cay 3rd Grade, Sleepy Hollow ES
Nia Manoleras & Carla Rudacille 1st Grade, Centreville ES

Outstanding Elementary General Education Teacher

Ayanna Bundy 5th Grade, Hollin Meadows ES
Beth Chase 1st Grade, Centreville ES
Lauren Ciccone 2nd Grade, Fairhill ES
Sarah Daniels 1st Grade, Rolling Valley ES
*Whitney Dierman 4th Grade, Lane ES
Kristin Eberhardt-Izzo 2nd Grade, Hollin Meadows ES
Kelly Fitzpatrick 4th Grade, Clermont ES
Anna Guzman Muro Kindergarten Spanish Immersion,
Laurel Ridge ES
Diana Lins Kindergarten, Centreville ES
Nia Manoleras 1st Grade, Centreville ES
Natalie Mansfield 6th Grade, Centreville ES
Ehren McLaurin 3rd Grade, Union Mill ES
*Linda Nicholas 6th Grade, Hollin Meadows ES
Lisa Pierson 3rd Grade, Union Mill ES
Robyn Ridpath 1st Grade, Fairview ES
Hitomi Sato Grades 1-3 Teacher, Stratford Landing ES
Laura Schadle Kindergarten, Lane ES
Yvonne Smit 2nd Grade, Centreville ES
Anna Wojcik Grades 1-3 Teacher, Fairview ES

Outstanding Secondary General Education Teacher

Jennifer Ginsburg Honors English, Herndon MS
*Samantha Hale Grade 7 Science Teacher, Cooper MS
*Brian Hollingsworth Grade 8 Honors Science, Herndon MS

Outstanding Instructional Support Staff

Ebtesam Al-Rikabi ABA Instructional Asst., Centreville ES
Candice Alexander Instructional Asst. – PAC, Centreville ES
Shahnaz Ali Instructional Asst., Hollin Meadows ES
Haydee Arimura Instructional Asst., Centreville ES
Mary Bowden Instructional Asst. – K, Union Mill ES
Mercedes Deck Holmes Public Health Training Asst.,
Rolling Valley ES
Taleeb El Zoobi Instructional Asst. – Enhanced Autism, Centreville ES
Deane Kiley Instructional Asst., Centreville ES
Meghan Leach Instructional Asst., Centreville ES
*Melvin Parson Instructional Asst., Hollin Meadows ES
Saba Rauf Instructional Asst., Rose Hill ES
Abigail Rodriguez Instructional Asst. – Enhanced Autism, Centreville ES
Katy Saini Public Health Training Asst.,
Canterbury Woods ES
Julianna Spengler Instructional Asst., Island Creek ES
Ashley Stead ABA Instructional Asst., Sleepy Hollow ES
Emily Whitaker Instructional Asst., Fairhill ES
*Ragan Wright Instructional Asst., Poe MS

Outstanding Related Service Providers

Lisa Alden Occupational Therapist, Oakton HS
Taylor Bedford Speech-Language Pathologist,
Rolling Valley ES
Dr. Tammy Blake Occupational Therapist,
Centreville Pyramid
Jen Grimley Speech-Language Pathologist,
Stratford Landing ES
*Stephanie Groff Adapted PE Teacher, Rolling Valley ES
Erin Kauffman School Psychologist, Centreville ES
*Dawn Leach Speech-Language Pathologist,
Centreville ES
Lesley Morgan Speech-Language Pathologist,
Hollin Meadows ES
Kim Loan Nguyen Physical Therapist, Rolling Valley ES
Melissa Peeples School Psychologist, Flint Hill ES
Pam Rein School Psychologist, Mount Vernon HS CSS
Judith Turcott Speech-Language Pathologist, Oakton HS
Erica Webster Adapted PE Teacher, Centreville ES
Bryan Wildschut Behavior Support Staff, Herndon MS CSS

Outstanding School Staff

Mary Sue Bell Special Education Bus Driver,
Centreville ES
Gigi Hammoud Arabic Early Literacy Program Leader, Family & School Partnerships (Central Office)
Chris Kamerow Student Information Asst., Kings Glen ES
*Laura Vargas Office Asst., Rolling Valley ES
*Mary Beth Vaughn Student Information Assistant I/II,
Rolling Valley ES
*Anne Walker Administrative Assistant II,
Rolling Valley ES
Treasa Williams-Harris Building Supervisor II, Poe MS

Outstanding Elementary Special Education Teacher

Laurie Andrews Preschool Class-Based Teacher,
Centreville ES
Elizabeth (Betsy) Beddow Special Education Reading Teacher,
Olde Creek ES
Beth Byrum Multiple Disabilities Teacher,
Centreville ES
Jennifer Cowett Multiple Disabilities Teacher,
Lees Corner ES
Janet Domolky Special Education Resource Teacher,
Olde Creek 
*Charlotte Frazier Enhanced Autism Teacher,
Island Creek ES
Meghan Houston Enhanced Autism Teacher, Olde Creek ES
Amy LaCrosse Enhanced Autism Teacher,
Rolling Valley ES
Lorac Lawton Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher, Camelot ES
Alison MacArthur Multiple Disabilities Teacher,
Eagle View ES CSS
Kim Martin-Petrus Learning Disabilities Teacher,
Crestwood ES
Barbara McCracken Multiple Disabilities Teacher,
Canterbury Woods ES
Vikki Parson Multiple Disabilities Teacher,
Hollin Meadows ES
Daniela Pastor Learning Disabilities Teacher, Fairhill ES
Kerri Perdew Special Education Preschool Teacher,
Waples Mill ES
Lisa Pilger Special Education Preschool Teacher,
Island Creek ES
Carol Ray Intellectual Disabilities Teacher,
Rolling Valley ES
Kimberly Scott Special Education Preschool Teacher,
Island Creek ES
*Nancy Suleiman Enhanced Autism Teacher, Centreville ES
Joy Weiner Multiple Disabilities Teacher,
Centreville ES
Anna Whittington Mulitple Disabilities Teacher, Lane ES
Ed Windhausen Preschool Class-Based Teacher,
Rose Hill ES
Cheryl Zimmerman Enhanced Autism Teacher,
Sleepy Hollow ES

Outstanding Secondary Special Education Teacher

Carrie Casoni Adapted PE Teacher, Poe MS
Margaret Foarde Learning Disabilities Teacher, Madison HS
*Ginger Gray Multiple Disabilities Teacher, Herndon MS
Keely Norris Multiple Disabilities Teacher, Glasgow MS
Rachel Rubio Emotional Disabilities Teacher, Frost MS


*Daniela Pastor Learning Disabilities Teacher, Fairhill ES
*Andrew Blount Asst. Principal, Centreville ES 


*Laura Baker, Twice-Exceptional (2E) Committee Chair