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The Subtle Presentation of Autism   $40
Fri. Nov. 2, 9 am-noon ASHA 2200 Research Blvd, Rockville, MD. Learn about core features of autism, gender differences, motivational and self-regulatory challenges, and the importance of developing autonomy. Register:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-subtle-presentation-of-autism-tickets-50396117143<

Introduction to Special Education
Fri. Nov. 2, 10 am-noon, Dunn Loring Ctr. 2334 Gallows Rd. Door 1, Dunn Loring. This is an orientation for parents who are new to special Education, and it will also include resources that are available for parents. Register:  https://www.fcps.edu/node/28019/  or call 703-204-3941.

Top Providers Talk Test Prep
Fri. Nov. 2, 1-3 pm,  The StudyPro, 6849 Old Dominion Dr. #200, McLean. A panel of test preparation providers will discuss testing, the differences between the SAT and ACT and the accommodations process.  Q&A time included. Register:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/top-providers-talk-test-prep-tickets-51035903762

Getting Our Minds Set for Math — For 4th and 5th Graders
Sat. Nov. 3, 1:30-3:00 pm  The Study Pro 6849 Old Dominion Dr. #200, McLean. This workshop is on how to use a growth mindset to shift the goal from “get it done fast” to “honor the process”.   Tools and strategies to reduce anxiety will be included. Register:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/growth-mindset-getting-our-minds-set-for-math-4th-5th-graders-tickets-50314957392

Circle of Support Conference   $ Varies
Sat. Nov. 3, 8:00 am – 3:30 pm, Hylton HS 14051 Spriggs Rd. Woodbridge. This is a full special needs conference with a keynote, three workshop sessions, an exhibit hall, paid child care, and sessions for disabled individuals. Register https://arcgpw.org/circle-of-support-conference/

Exceptional Schools Fair
Sun. Nov. 4, 11 am-2 pm, Katzen Arts Ctr. Mass. Ave & Neb. Ave, Wash. DC. These private schools can educate students with disabilities ranging from mild language-based learning differences to more severe cognitive impairments. Information:  http://exceptionalschoolsfair.com

Autism Parenting Summit — Virtual Conference
Mon.- Sat. Nov 5-10, 9 am-10 pm. This week-long online conference will include over 30 autism and parenting experts to help you help your child navigate school, work, and life. Register:  http://parentingautismsummit.com/

Consumer Directed Attendant Panel — With Webinar Option
Mon. Nov. 5, noon–2 pm, The Arc 2755 Hartland Rd. Ste. 200, Falls Church. This panel will discuss strategies for finding, hiring, training, and maintaining the best consumer directed attendants for Medicaid Waiver and private pay. Register:  https://thearcofnova.org/programs/info-referral/ds-ls-workshops/

The Atypical Learner: Biology, Behavior, and Optimizing Outcome
Wed. Nov. 7, 7:30-9:00 pm The Lab School 4759 Reservoir Rd, NW, Wash. DC. Learn how a neurodevelopmentalist can use a child’s behavior, learning, and brain function to develop treatment that will optimize the child’s future development. Register: https://www.labschool.org/page/outreach/lecture-series

Critical Decision Points for Families of Children with Disabilities
Thu. Nov. 8, 10 am-2 pm, Holiday Inn, 10424 Balls Ford Rd. Manassas. Learn about critical decision points regarding your child’s education path and when these decisions should be made. Register:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/critical-decision-points-parent-training-manassas-region-4-registration-50594614855

Fairfax County SEPTA  Inclusion Night
Wed. Nov. 7, 7 pm, Robinson SS, Recital Hall, 5035 Sideburn Rd. Fairfax. Learn about several inclusive programs currently happening in Fairfax County Public Schools and ideas for Inclusive Schools Week this month. https://www.facebook.com/events/353736302035987/

Parenting in the Digital Age
Thu. Nov. 8, 11:45 am-1:45 pm  The Study Pro 6849 Old Dominion Dr. #200, McLean. Learn how to reduce the expectation of screen time, get your child to listen when it is time to unplug, and reduce the damage to self-esteem due to social media. Register:  http://thestudypro.com/events-calendar/

Girls with ADHD:  Strategies for Supporting and Advocating for Our Daughters
Nov. 8, 6:15-8:00 pm,  4031 University Drive, Fairfax   Enter on South St. The session will address unique characteristics that impact identification, delivery of services, and parenting of girls with ADHD.  Includes time for Q&A. Register:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/girls-with-adhd-strategies-for-supporting-and-advocating-for-our-daughters-tickets-48213003391

Collaborative IEP Meetings:  Parents as Partners
Fri. Nov. 9, 10 am-noon, Dunn Loring Ctr. 2334 Gallows Rd. Door 1, Dunn Loring. Learn about the IEP process and its components, parent’s role in the IEP meeting, responsibilities of the IEP team members, and planning for the meetings. Register:  https://www.fcps.edu/node/28019/  or 703-204-3941

Application Window for Individual and Family Support Program — Plan Ahead
Apply by Nov. 10. Individuals on the DD Waiver Wait List are eligible to apply online for up to $1,000 worth of supports and services via the Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP). Information:  http://dbhds.virginia.gov/developmental-services/ifsp. Application:  https://ifsponline.dbhds.virginia.gov

Autism Education Workshop:  Social Skills
Sat. Nov. 10, 10 am-noon, ASNV 10467 White Granite Dr. Oakton
Learn how to identify the steps for social problem-solving and how to help your children make responsible independent decisions in various social situations. Register:  https://asnv.wufoo.com/forms/autism-education-workshop-social-skills/

Welcoming Inclusion Network (WIN) Meeting 
Tue. Nov. 13, 6:30-8:00 pm Herrity Bldg. Rm. 106, 12055 Govt. Ctr. Pkwy. Fairfax. Connect with others in Fairfax County who are working to create a more integrated community for people with developmental disabilities.  Information:  https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/community-services-board/win

Getting Past Procrastination: How to Get Your Kids Organized, Motivated and Focused…Without Being the Bad Guy
Tue. Nov. 13, 7:00-8:30 pm Westfields HS 4700 Stonecroft Blvd. Chantilly, VA. No Registration.

Mastering the Process of School: How to Help the Student who Struggles with Executive Functioning
Tue. Nov. 13, 7:00-8:30 pm, McLean Bible Ch. Rm. B, 8925 Leesburg Pk. Vienna
Learn why cultivating executive function skills is at least as important as mastering content, and what parents can do to help students bolster these skills.
Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mastering-the-process-of-school-how-to-help-the-student-who-struggles-with-executive-functioning-tickets-51885425705?aff=ebdshpsearchautocomplete

Parent Discussion on Understanding the Opioid Epidemic 
Wed. Nov. 14, 6:00-7:30 pm. Vienna Community Ctr. 120 Cherry St. SE, Vienna. Parents can learn about opioids, how they work in the brain, risk factors, how to spot signs of use, and how to talk to your teen about drug use. Register:  viennav.gov/registration using Activity # 222302A1

A Parent’s Guide to Evidence-Based Treatment
Wed. Nov. 14, 6-8 pm, Govt. Ctr. Rm. 120-C, 12000 Govt. Ctr. Pkwy. Fairfax. Learn about various mental health treatments, how to choose the best treatment for a condition, and how to find credentialed providers in the area. Register:  https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/hscode/EReg/Registration.aspx?groupID=87

MPower Me Tech Workshop — For Parents and Students
Wed. Nov. 14, 6-8 pm, The Arc of Nova, 2755 Hartland Ave. Ste. 200, Falls Church. Parents and students will learn about and practice using this technology to plan complex tasks using smaller steps, set goals, and track their progress toward them. Register:  https://goo.gl/forms/63tkoYEAeaJeoqNm2

Life After High School: A Look at Post-Graduation Options and Opportunities 
Wed. Nov. 14, 7:00-8:30 pm Auburn Sch. 3800 Concorde Pkwy. Ste. 500, Chantilly. Learn from a panel about options, supports, and timelines for students with ASD, ADHD and related disorders to continue their education following high school graduation.  Register:  https://www.theauburnschool.org/page/153

The 10 Most Important Things to Know about IEPs
Wed. Nov.14, 7:00-8:30 pm, The Arc of GPW 13505 Hillendale Rd. Woodbridge. Hear about what to expect in an IEP meeting, how things should go, and what to do when you feel the team is not acting in the best interest of your child. Register:  email Jan Russell jrussell@arcgpw.org or 703-730-3124

Understanding and Improving Your Preschool Child’s Behavior
Wed. Nov. 14, 9-11 am LCPS Adm. Bldg. 21000 Education Ct. Ashburn
Learn more about your preschool child’s behavior and possible ways to improve it by understanding its function, environmental triggers, and how to respond appropriately.
Register: https://www.lcps.org/Page/179754

Special Screening of Written Off with Post Film Discussion
Thu. Nov. 15, 6:15-8:30 pm,  Chantilly Library 4000 Stringfellow Rd. Chantilly. This first-person account of a substance use disorder will be followed by a community conversation about substance use disorders and resources in our area. Register:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/special-screening-of-written-off-with-post-film-discussion-tickets-51081729829

Special Needs Housing Workshop
Thu. Nov. 15,  7-9 pm JCCNV 8900 Little River Tnpk. Fairfax. Using working housing models, learn ways to include housing in family legal papers, and ideas and supports for those with special needs.  Includes exhibit fair. RSVP to Carey at:  calford@financialguide.com or 703-865-6502

Video Games, Screens and ADHD: A Potent Mix — Webinar
Thu. Nov. 15, 2 pm
Learn about the potential of screen-based technologies for kids with ADHD, the risks of too much screen time, and how to choose and use technology to help kids with ADHD. Register here.

Beyond Academics: A Conversation about Substance Use for Parents and Teens
Thu. Nov. 15, 6:30-8:30 pm, LCPS Adm. Bldg. 21000 Education Ct. Ashburn
A young adult in long term recovery from substance abuse will share from his experience, and small group discussions for teens and parents will follow.
Register: https://www.lcps.org/Page/179754

Screening of Written Off with a Post Film Discussion
Thu. Nov. 15, 6:30-8:30 pm, Chantilly Library 4000 Stringfellow Rd. Chantilly
This documentary chronicling a first-person account of a ten-year struggle with substance use disorder will be followed by a discussion and resources in our area.
Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/special-screening-of-written-off-with-post-film-discussion-tickets-51081729829#tickets

Increasing Cognitive Flexibility in your School-Aged Child – $20
Thu. Nov. 15. 7 pm, Family Compass 11150 Sunset Hills Rd.Ste. #150 Reston
Does shifting from screens to less preferred tasks bring on a meltdown? Learn about cognitive flexibility and how to help your child improve her ability to tolerate change. Register: http://familycompass.com/parenting-class/  or call 703-471-5517

Jack’s Brain, Jill’s Brain: Gender Differences and Why They Matter
Fri. Nov. 16, 10 am-noon, Dunn Loring Ctr. 2334 Gallows Rd. Door 1, Dunn Loring. Learn how the brains of girls and boys are developmentally, structurally and functionally different, along with appropriate behavioral and emotional interventions. Register:  https://www.fcps.edu/node/28019/  or 703-204-3941

Apprenticeships and Skilled Workforce Career Fair
Fri. Nov. 16, 11 am-1:30 pm, Edison HS Auxiliary Gym 5801 Franconia Rd. Alexandria. Students, recent graduates, and their parents can meet industry leaders  who offer skilled workforce employment, education, training, and apprenticeship programs.  Register:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfV0daELR21lyjj3_9klwv6SE5xexcNUc0OsHMeuffAt09MyA/viewform

Practical Strategies for Parents to Use to Help our Children with Anxiety
Fri. Nov. 16, 10 am-noon, StudyPro, 6849 Old Dominion Dr. #200, McLean
Learn how to distinguish anxiety from normal behavior and what to do, and not do, to help children confront their anxiety in a productive fashion.
Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-studypro-workshop-reducing-the-impact-of-anxiety-in-our-children-tickets-52267287865

Building Bridges:  Strengthening Connections in Adoption
Sat. Nov. 17, Church of St. Andrew 15300 New Hampshire Ave. Silver Spring. Conference for adoptees (grades 1-12) and their parents. Register:  adoptionsupport.com

Strategies to Promote Fine and Gross Motor Development in Young Children
Mon. Nov. 19, 10:00-11:30 am, TCWHS Rm. 134, 3801 W. Braddock Rd Alexandria
Parents of preschool and young elementary students with disabilities will learn practical and fun ways to boost their young child’s fine and gross motor skills.
Register by Nov. 16: https://www.acps.k12.va.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=964&DomainID=51#calendar1526/20181119/event/3738

In Our Backyard: The Opioid and Heroin Crisis, Solving the Epidemic
Audience: Students in Grades 7-12, Parents, Educators
Mon. Nov. 19 1:00-1:30 pm & 8-8:30 pm
Learn how opioids impact the brain and body, how people become addicted, who is most vulnerable, ways to prevent addiction and who to turn to for help.
Register: https://www.fcps.edu/node/36964

Executive Functioning Workshop
Mon. Nov. 26, 7:30-8:45 pm, First Christian Ch. 6165 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. Presented by Adam Berman, a peer presenter for the Autism Society of Northern Virginia. Register:  https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07efsgqkjw69bf304f&oseq=&c=&ch=

Dyslexia Open House
Thu. Nov. 29, 10 am-noon, Dunn Loring Ctr. 2334 Gallows Rd. Door 1, Dunn Loring
Talk with an FCPS dyslexia specialist, browse exhibit tables, and learn about next steps for students with dyslexia. Register:  https://www.fcps.edu/node/28019/  or 703-204-3941

The IEP Transition Plan: Postsecondary Planning in Middle and High School
Fri. Nov. 30, 10 am-noon, VA Hills Adm. Ctr. 6520 Diana Ln, Alexandria. Talk with Career and Transition Services staff about questions to ask the school team, questions to ask your child, and the role an IEP plays in increasing self-advocacy. Register:  https://www.fcps.edu/node/28019/  or 703-204-3941

Portrait of an ADHD Graduate: Harnessing ADHD Superpowers
Fri. Nov. 30, 10 am-noon, Dunn Loring Ctr. 2334 Gallows Rd. Door 1, Dunn Loring. Learn about the strengths and challenges of students with ADHD and the benefits of parenting as a consultant. Ideas for parents of children of all ages. Register:  https://www.fcps.edu/node/28019/  or 703-204-3941

How to Rock School: 5 Disciplines Kids Need to Succeed
Fri. Nov 30, 8:45 am  Churchill Road ES 7100 Churchill Rd. McLean

Plan Ahead….

Give an Hour Healthy Minds Fairfax
A new program will provide no-cost mental health services to income eligible children and youth ages 5-21.  Information:  https://giveanhour.org/initiatives-and-programs/healthy-minds-fairfax/

Youth and Young Adults: Stronger Together
Alternate Tuesdays, Oct. 2 through May 2019,  6:00-8:00 pm  in Fairfax.  This peer-to-peer support group for youth ages 14 – 22  meets twice a month.   Parents, caregivers and guardians meet at the same time.  Light dinner included.   Register:  https://www.formedfamiliesforward.org/registration-for-free-support-groups-now-open/  or  703 539-2904


On Demand – Dyslexia & the IEP: How to Make Sure the IEP is in Tip-Top Shape
Webinar On demand, available 24/7.

*Please Note: FCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools) and ACPS (Alexandria City Public Schools) can often provide translation services for their events into Spanish, Arabic, or other languages if you contact them well in advance.