SEPTA Membership Survey by November 24, 2017

In an effort to better understand the needs of our membership and the areas in which we can best advocate and educate within the county, the SEPTA Board of Directors has created this anonymous online survey.  We hope that you will complete this survey for each of your children in Special Education regardless of school placement.  We also ask that you forward this survey to any other Special Education Families in FCPS and share in your groups asking that Special Ed families complete the survey even if they are not members of SEPTA.  The more responses we get, the more representative our data will be.  

It is our intention to use this data internally to inform our programming and also to create a data report to share with our membership, FCPS Leadership Team, the School Board and other groups with whom we advocate on behalf of Special Needs students, families and staff.  Your input is critical for our advocacy as numbers and data are needed to back up the many anecdotal stories we have heard from membership.

We cannot emphasize enough how valuable your participation in this survey is to our mission and I hope you will take the time to complete it.  While we will be collecting survey results continuously, we request that you complete the survey between Nov 09 and November 24, 2017 so that results may be shared with FCPS Leadership at the end of November.

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