ESY Update and Advocacy Opportunity

SEPTA’s general membership passed a resolution in January that encourages advocacy for the fidelity of implementation in all special education services and programs. We submitted that resolution for adoption at the state level as well, and Virginia PTA adopted a resolution with that same wording in March 2021.ESY Update and advocacy opportunity (1) Extended School Year is a special education program, and the emails that have been sent in the past few weeks raise significant concerns regarding the fidelity of its implementation this year. When we received the email regarding ESY sent by FCPS on June 30th, we were as shocked and surprised as the rest of the community.  Since then, we have been working to see how we can best be of service to our members and the larger special education community during this crisis. 

As we have noted previously, FCPS has indicated that individual IEP teams can consider reimbursing a student’s private therapies in lieu of ESY.  We have also heard that FCPS will be looking into 3rd party contractors to provide services.   We still encourage families to reach out to their IEP teams to discuss this option, if that is what will best fit your student’s needs this summer.  

To ensure our communities’ concerns are addressed,  SEPTA has created a survey form to gather your questions in order to compile them in a report to bring to FCPS leadership.  Please be assured that any identifying information is optional, and solely for SEPTA eyes. All data provided to FCPS will be entirely anonymous.  Please fill out this form, and feel free to share it far and wide.  This form is for both families AND staff!

The form to submit questions to SEPTA will remain open until Friday, July 9th at 5:00pm. 


Additional Opportunities for
Community Advocacy Regarding ESY

SEPTA encourages individuals to sign up to speak at the next school board meeting to share how the ESY crisis is impacting their families.  The upcoming meeting is Thursday, July 15th at 7pm.  Sign-ups to speak at the meeting will open at 6am on Monday, July 12th.  Please be aware that all slots are filled within minutes! You will need to be online just before 6am and refreshing your browser to give you the best chance of getting a speaking slot.  You can choose to speak in person, virtually, or create a video ahead of time and submit the YouTube link for a video slot the morning of July 12th. If you chose to submit a video testimony, your video must be submitted at the time you sign up to speak.  The form will ask you to choose whether you are speaking as an individual or on behalf of an organization – please choose the “individual” option. 

To register to speak at the meeting, virtually or in person, visit this link:

To register to submit a pre-recorded video testimony, visit this link:

All citizen participation statements are limited to 3 minutes.  Please note that the clerk is cutting off the microphone at 3 minutes. We suggest timing your statement ahead of time to ensure you can include all you want to say.