Committee Chairs and Delegates

Standing Committees & Committee Chairs: 

*Advocacy – Norm Hall
*Awards and Mini-Grants – Rachna Sizemore-Heizer
*Communications – Helen Minor
*Diversity & Outreach – Jess Valdez
*Events & Programming – Ami Todd, Cathy Greulich
*Fundraising Joanne Walton, Tina Baldera
*Membership and Outreach –  Hillary Press
*Social Media – Amanda Campbell
*Special Populations – Laura Baker
*Teacher Liaison – Jennifer Kryzynski
*Volunteer Coordinator – Lisa Locke

Delegates to other organizations: 

Fairfax County Council of PTAs (FCCPTA) Delegates
*Primary Delegate* – Joanne Walton
*Secondary Delegate* – Committee Chair (Vacant)

FCCPTA Special Education Committee Chair
Joanne Walton

Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities via FCCPTA
Michelle Cades

PEATC Liaison
Jess Valdez

Arlington SEPTA Liaison
Cathy Greulich

* An asterisk denotes a SEPTA Board Position